W/E 25/26 April

WIN U12(2) Beesties 3 - 2 Guildford
WIN U12(1) Buzzers 13 - 2 Cardiff
LOSS U14(1) Peterborough 5 - 3 Hummers
LOSS U16(2) Swarm 2 - 11 Milton Keynes
LOSS U14(2) Beests 5 - 8 Oxford
LOSS U16(2) Swarm 3 - 5 Haringey
LOSS U18 Chelmsford 6 - 2 Drones - PLATE Competition

Referee/Linesmen training

Bracknell Ice Hockey Club is hosting an "EIHA Level-1 on-ice official" course Saturday 23rd May starting 15:00
Its is £free and should appeal to anyone who wants to ref ice hockey.
Its not just for kids.
THERE WON'T BE A CLASSROOM SESSION - It's almost all on-ice
If this interests you or your children (age generally from about 13 upwards) then you need to register for this course
E-mail ann . liprott @ eiha . co . uk to book a place

Although it is free, your sport expects you to be responsible and reliable

Game report Bracknell swarm v Streatham

Bracknell Swarm visited Streatham's new rink today and with a few team changes were looking to get a win away from home. Everyone was fired up and ready to go from the first face off and we didn't have long to wait until the first goal came. Passes from Charlie to Callum to Ben saw Bracknell take the lead after only 21 seconds.
Our lead was short lived when Streatham equalized in the third minute despite several attacking plays from Bracknell. We had to wait until the second period until Bracknell scored their second and third goals Harrison and Ben on the second and Ben finding Callum unmarked on the back post for the third. Bracknell's fourth goal came from an impossible angled shot after Charlie passed to Kris who found Louis and put the puck in.
Streatham were not finished yet and came back with an impressive break away to add a second goal to their tally. Bracknell were not finished and another goal when Alfie found Ben in open ice and skated in for his third goal. Streatham had still not given up and fought hard to try to make a come back and were rewarded with another goal. Final score Bracknell 5 Streatham 3.
Man of the match was awarded to James and spirit of the match went to Luke.
Well done and a lot of hard work put in by everyone.

Coach Darren

Change of Age Groups

The EIHA has just announced that the age groups for 2015/2016 will be as follows
Under 9 Cross Ice
U11 Born 2005/2006, Regional only, Non-hitting, , 3 * 15 or 2 * 20
U13 Born 2003/2004, Non-hitting, 3 * 15 or 2 * 20
U15 Born 2001/2002, Full rules, 3 * 15
U18 Born 2000/1999, 3 * 15
U20 Born 1996/1997/1998, 3 * 20
Read the formal release

Drones Playoffs (Laidler Plate)

SUN 19th April U18 Drones HOME 15:30 v Chelmsford
SUN 26th April U18 Drones AWAY 18:30 @ Chelmsford
The winner of this pair of games will go on to Semi-Finals at the Junior Nationals

Bracknell moves to South East Conference

A message from BIHC Chairman Rory Gavin:

I am pleased to announce that with effect from season 2015/16 Bracknell Ice Hockey Club will be moving to South East Conference.

The reason for the move is that there is a lack of clubs in SE region and the board of EIHA need one SW club to switch to SE. This year I received a invite from Geoff Hemmerman (EIHA Director) and Allison Taylor (Chair SE).
Having reviewed the current situation and bearing in mind that OHA are planning on introducing an U14 team in the next season or two I felt it was in the interests of our members to switch. A meeting of coaches was held and those present agreed a switch would be beneficial for our members.
Before agreeing to accept the invite I also held a meeting with the parents of current SW U13 parents to explain the situation and they also agreed the move would be in their interests.
Following this consultation I formally accepted the invitation which then needed to be ratified at the EIHA Board meeting being held on 21/22 February 2015.
I have had confirmation today that the board have agreed to Bracknell switching to SE

There will be a meeting in the next few weeks where the officers of SE Conference will attend Bracknell to answer any queries from parents, players and coaches. I will advise date and time as soon as it is confirmed.

I believe this is a positive step forward for our members, however if you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

Rory Gavin.

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BIHC composition

The BIHC is a Club run by elected representatives of the members/parents. The elected members appoint specialists including the Head Coach.
The Head Coach, in consultation with the committee appoints the team coaches.

Sir John Nike is the Club's Honary President.

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